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Investment in Myanmar Properties and Promote Foreign Properties in Myanmar
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Handicrafts & Antique | MiTA: Consulting Company in Myanmar Singapore Thailand

Investment Consulting in Myanmar Handicrafts and Antiques

Consultants: Myanmar Handicrafts Antiques Arts | Investment Consulting

Handicrafts in Myanmar

Investment Opportunities in Myanmar Handicrafts Investment Opportunities: Myanmar Handicrafts Wood Carving Pottery

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Arts and Paintings in Myanmar

Investment Opportunities in Myanmar Arts and Paintings Investment Opportunities: Myanmar Arts Paintings Oil Paints Landscapes

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Antiques in Myanmar

Investment Opportunities in Myanmar Antiques Investment Opportunities: Myanmar Arts Antiques Sculptures Collections

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Myanmar Local Partner

Myanmar Local Partner for Strategic Investment in Myanmar Handicrafts and Antiques Myanmar Local Partner | Handicrafts Antiques Paintings Arts Investment

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Corporate Social Responsibilities

MiTA Services is committed to Green Environment, Sustainable Development and Value Creation for the Ecological Society where man coexists with nature. MiTA Services commits to use minimal papers in office work to save the trees and encourages everybody using electronic media as much as feasible. MiTA's research, engineering design and management practice will follow green business philosophy.