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Myanmar Mining: Minerals, Gemstones, Pearls | Myanmar Mining | Investment in Myanamr

Investment Opportunities in Myanmar Mining: Minerals, Gemstones, Pearls


Myanmar Government is working with international development organizations, including World Bank for making mining sector in Myanmar more transparent and meet requirement of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). Mining sector in Myanmar is going to be more attractive for foreign investments in Myanmar. Local Myanmar companies / foreign companies and investors can apply to the Ministry of Mines, Government of Myanmar in order to obtain a permit to do prospecting, exploration, small scale production of minerals or large scale mining in Myanmar. MiTA is providing consulting services in Mining Sector in Myanmar; clients include local Myanmar mining companies, foreign mining companies, consultants and mining equipment suppliers.


In Myanmar, we have experienced senior mining geologists and engineers who retired from Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration (DGSE), and Ministry of Mines, Govt. of the Union of Myanmar. They are highly experienced in geological study, prospecting, exploration and mining of coal, iron ore, copper, nickel, tungsten, antimony, gold, gems stone, etc. We also have mining advisors who retired as directors & senior executives from DGSE & Ministry of Mines. We represent business interests of our clients in Myanmar.


We provide market research, due diligence, investment evaluation and assistance in negotiating JV partnership agreement, getting MIC permit, Myanmar company registration services, etc. Our consulting services in Myanmar Mining Sector include:

  1. To identify promising areas for submitting applications to the relevant authorities for prospecting or mining;
  2. To advice Mining Laws, Acts and Regulations outlining the application procedure and selecting most attractive investment in mining sector in Myanmar;
  3. To review guidelines on fees / taxes / royalties payable and how those are calculated, and obligations of license holder, and size(s) of areas that can be applied for in a single application, number of minerals that can be applied for, conditions for renewal, etc.;
  4. To carry out Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA);
  5. To provide local technical & engineering assistance, liaison services;
  6. To provide project management support services during project execution; and
  7. Localization, local content management, recruitment, training and HR management services.


Please visit SERVICES page to know more about all the services.


A brief description of available minerals in Myanmar is presented below so that investors can have basic ideas about which minerals can be commercially mined in Myanmar.


Minerals in Myanmar:


In Myanmar, minerals are divided into four types:


1. Metallic Minerals (Chromium, Nickel, Gold, Lead, Titanium, Zinc, etc.)
2. Industrial Minerals & Non-metallic Raw Materials (Barite, Clay, Gypsum, Limestone, etc.)
3. Precious & Semi-precious Gemstones (Ruby, Sapphire, Jade, Diamond, etc.)
4. Fuel Minerals (Oil, Natural Gas, Oil Shale, Coal)


Occurrence of Metallic Minerals:


Lead, Zinc & Silver minerals can be found in Phaleng (Northern part of Shan State), Paungdaw (Mandalay Division), Mawhki (Kayin State), Panwa (Kachin State), Bawdwin, Yadanatheingi, Bawsaing (Northern part of Shan State), LonChein (Southern part of Shan State).


Tin and Tungsten minerals can be found in Tanintharyi Division, Kayin, Mon, Kayah & Shan states and east of Pyinmana.


Copper Minerals can be found in Shangalon, Kyesin Taung, Sabe Taung & South, Letpadaung Taung, Panmakut Manna, Panpwe Kyauk Taung, Kweeight Taung (Sagaing Division), Sabe Taung (Mandalay Division), Laymyetna (Ayeyarwady Division), Sinbo-Nankesan (Kachin State).


Gold and Platinum minerals can be found in Shadusuik, Ngagyan, Wakan-Tanaing, Namma-Kangon which are situated in Kachin State. Besides, they can be found in Shangalon (Sagaing State), Moedi Taung (Mandalay Division), Shewgyin (Bago Division), Kyaukpahto, Kwinthonse (Mandalay Division), PhayaungTaung (Mandalay Division), Pyinmana (Mandalay Division), Meyongyi (Mon State).


Iron minerals can be found in Lamaung, Kathaing Taung, Sanleik, Kantawyan, Taungkaton Taung, Taung Nyo Taung, Haemaung which are situated in Kachin State, Kyatwinye, Inya (Mandalay Division), Minlan Thanseik & Shwe Gyin (Bago Division), Kanmaw Island, Kho Island & Maputae Island (Tanintharyi Division), Mongkannwe (Eastern of Shan State), Pinpet (Southern of Shan State).


Manganese minerals can be found in Kyaukpadaung (Mandalay Division), Monpyin (Southern of Shan State), Tar Pin, Wansaw – Wanpaing, Areye, Wansalot (Eastern of Shan State), Powel Island (Tanintharyi).
Chromite minerals can be found Mwetaung (Chin State), Maungdaw – Nanmadaw (Yakhine State), Taunggadon, Tagaung Taung (Sagaing Division).


Nickel minerals can be found in Mwetaung (Chin State), Maungdaw – Nanmadaw (Yakhine State),Mindinkyin (Magwe Division), Ukintaug, Hkakyintaung (Yakhine State), Indawgyi, Taunggadon, Tagaung Taung (Sagaing Divison).
Antimony minerals can be found in Lepyin (Mandalay Division), Kadaik & Thabyu (Mon State), Nahok, Mong Inn, Liharmyar (Shan State), Peinchit, Konsut, Laga (Kayin State).


Prominent Coal Basins are in the western part of Myanmar bordering India and smaller coal basin can also be found in the northern part of Myanmar, central Myanmar and down-south of Myanmar.
Clay, Baryte, Bauxite and Phosphate minerals are also available in Myanmar. Gypsum and Limestone minerals can be found in many parts of Myanmar.


Gemstones minerals can be found in Mogok (Mandalay Division), Tawmaw – Lonkin Area, Hukwng Valley, Nayaseik and Pyinlon.


The above details are provided for general information only; for taking any decision this information need to be verified. You can contact MiTA for any detail & up to date information and consulting services in Myanmar.

Myanmar Mining - Gemstone, Pearl

Please visit SERVICES page to know more about all the services we provide. MiTA is organizing Myanmar Mining Summit, Conference and Exhibition to facilitate foreign investment in Myanmar and empower local Myanmar companies for the growth of Mining Sector in Myanmar.

MiTA Myanmar Investment Conferences & Exhibitions

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