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Organization Structure of Ministry of Energy & Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise | Myanmar Oil & Gas Industry | Investment in Myanamr

Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise and Energy Planning Department, Ministry of Energy

Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) is the State owned enterprise empowered to conduct all exploration, production and transportation of oil and gas in onshore and offshore areas of the Union of Myanmar. Energy Planning Department (EPD) and Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise under Ministry of Energy, Government of Myanmar works to tender oil and gas blocks (onshore, shallow water offshore, deep water offshore) in Myanmar and to manage concession contracts, exploration & production and sale of oil and gas.

On 1st January 1963, the remaining shares of the Burma Oil Company (1954)Ltd. (a joint venture company of which 51% was owned by Myanmar Government and the 49% is owned by the Burma Oil Company) was brought by the Myanmar Government with the value of 62.5 million Kyats. The name of the name of the company was then changed to People’s Oil Industry. On 28th, February 1970, Notification No.1/70 was issued for the Myanmar Oil Corporation to inherit all the previous oil industries of Myanmar and perform all the duties of producing, refining and marketing of petroleum onshore and offshore.

On 1st, April 1975, the Myanmar Oil Corporation was divided into three corporations according to the main function of the work viz.

(1) Myanmar Oil Corporation
(2) Petrochemical Industry Corporation
(3) Petroleum Products Supply Corporation

On 12th April 1985, a “Ministry of Energy” was formed and all the above (3) petroleum related corporations were put under the “Ministry of Energy”. On 1st. April 1989, the corporations were changed into enterprises. Now the following department and enterprises are functioning under the Ministry of Energy. (MOE)

(1) Energy Planning Department(EPD)
(2) Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise(MOGE)
(3) Myanmar Petrochemical Enterprise(MPE)
(4) Myanmar Petroleum Products Enterprise(MPPE)


Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) is headed by Managing Director (MD). MOGE has following directorates:

1. Planning
2. Exploration and Development
3. Offshore
4. Drilling
5. Production
6. Engineering
7. Administration
8. Material Planning
9. Finance

MOGE has four basic responsibilities:

i. To explore and produce oil and gas by using its own resources.
ii. To supply domestic natural gas by constructing its own pipelines.
iii. To supply the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a substitute fuel for vehicles.
iv. To participate in and oversee the production sharing agreements in cooperation with Myanmar / foreign oil companies.

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Offshore Oil and Gas

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