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Myanmar Company Registration | Company Incorporation in Myanmar | Set up Business in Yangon

Myanmar Company Registration with DICA and MIC Permit: Consulting Services

MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC provides consulting services in Myanmar including: (a) due diligence, market research, SWOT analysis, planning business operation & new business organization; (b) MIC permit, Myanmar company registration and starting business operation, as well as, (c) provide human resources (local staff), administrative, liaison & business representation (agency), and management support services in Myanmar. We use services of experienced Myanmar lawyers for consulting projects involving specific legal matters, including trade mark registration, product registration, trade disputes, legal review & representation, etc. Please visit Services page for details of our other services.

MiTA provides complete range of investment consulting services required for (a) joint venture (JV) between foreign and Myanmar investors and (b) 100% foreign owned company registration in Myanmar. For strategic investments, in connection with new company registration in Myanmar, MiTA provides following consulting services:

  1. Project evaluation, local content management and localization;
  2. Preparation of initial environmental examination (IEE) report, environmental impact assessment (EIA) report, and social impact assessment (SIA) report;
  3. Help preparing application for MIC permit (permit given by Myanmar Investment Commission), submission of MIC permit application, liaison with MIC and respective other Government Ministries / Departments, attending meeting along with clients in connection with MIC’s approval;
  4. Myanmar Company Registration with DICA (Directorate of Investment and Company Administration); and
  5. Office management services, engineering services and project management support services, during project implementation.


Based on initial project evaluation, clients / investors may decide to register companies directly with DICA without MIC permit where it is unlikely to get MIC permit.

In Myanmar business can be conducted through one of the following types of business organizations:

  1. Companies limited by shares. i.e., local Myanmar companies; joint venture companies; 100% foreign owned companies
  2. Branch Offices or Representative Offices of a foreign company
  3. Associations not for profit
  4. Partnerships


Detailed and updated information about company registration procedures can be obtained from the office of the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), under the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development; the information “Myanmar Investment Guide” can also be found at DICA’s website. Information related to Trading License and Export & Import can be obtained from Export Import Registration Office, Directorate of Trade Ministry of Commerce.

Myanmar law allows foreign investors to set up a hundred percent foreign-owned company or a joint venture with a Myanmar partner. Foreign companies with small investment may register under the Myanmar Companies Act, with a Permit to trade; however large investments may preferably get a permit from Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) under the Myanmar Foreign Investment Law (FIL) to get certain state / sovereign protection of investment in Myanmar. Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) is reviewing most of the foreign investments in Myanmar, and coordinating with other government departments and organization.

The governing law for the limited companies is the Myanmar Companies Act 1914. Under section 27A of the Act, a foreign company, whether a hundred percent owned or a joint venture and a branch /representative office is required to obtain Permit and Registration. A company with share contribution of the State shall be registered under the Special Companies Act 1950 and the Myanmar Companies Act 1914. A Joint-Venture with the State equity formed under Special Companies Act is exempted from obtaining a Registration.

For company registration with DICA without MIC permit under Foreign Investment Law, the minimum capital to be brought in Myanmar through bank transfer is as follows:

  1. Industrial, Hotel and Construction Company – US $ 150,000.
  2. Services, Travels and Tours Company, Bank Representative Office and Insurance Representative Office – US $50,000.


Company registration process with DICA includes checking availability of any proposed company name, submit required documents, payment of registration fee, issue of temporary registration card and permit to trade, documentation for foreign currency transfer, issue of permanent registration card, etc.

MiTA’s clients and business associates are from Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Myanmar, etc. Our company provides consulting services in Myanmar across industries: • Oil and GasPowerRenewable EnergyMiningTelecommunicationInformation Technology & IT Enabled Services Real EstateInfrastructureAgricultureMedical & Health CareManufacturingSMEEnvironmental Engineering and Waste ManagementFisheries and AquacultureGarments and ApparelHandicrafts and AntiqueBanking Finance and Insurance.

In Myanmar, MiTA provides one-stop customized consulting service to foreign investors for entry into Myanmar’s emerging market and business match-making with local companies. Our services cover market research and due diligence, technical feasibility, IEE-EIA-SIA, MIC permit, Myanmar company registration, liaison with Government Ministries and Departments, localization of business, HRM-Recruitment-local content management and project management support services. For details of our services please visit SERVICES page.

In Myanmar, we have a Panel of Advisors and Senior Consultants who retired from various Myanmar Government Ministries / Departments / Enterprises. MiTA Myanmar Team consists of professionally qualified and highly experienced personnel with international experience.

Myanmar is in transition for fast economic development and Government is making new investor friendly rules & regulations for real development. The laws & regulations are changing very fast. You may contact relevant Government Ministries or consulting companies advising investment in Myanmar for updated information in this connection. You may please Contact MiTA to know more about the process of company registration in Myanmar: (a) documents required to register a company with Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, Government of Myanmar; (b) time frame for completing company registration in Myanmar; (c) Government fee for company incorporation; (d) our consulting services in Myanmar and professional fees.

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Corporate Social Responsibilities

MiTA Services is committed to Green Environment, Sustainable Development and Value Creation for the Ecological Society where man coexists with nature. MiTA Services commits to use minimal papers in office work to save the trees and encourages everybody using electronic media as much as feasible. MiTA's research, engineering design and management practice will follow green business philosophy.